Create professional websites and manage the content in multiple languages, with listings, searchable catalogs, media libraries and news feeds.

CACOMAS is the ideal tool for web professionals and agencies writing their own source code. You manage the structure of the site as you need it, no source code limitations and no forced site structures.


Check the full features list

  • Multiple Websites
  • Multiple Languages
  • Reusable Content
  • High Performance
  • Customizable Structure
  • Custom Listings
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Form
  • Media Manager
  • Blogs with
    RSS Feeds
  • Responsive Support
  • Reliable Hosting
«Managing all sites in one tool makes my work easier and saves time»
«The performance of the websites is faster than with any other content management tool»
«Easily managing content in multiple languages has never been easier»

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Centralized Management

Keeping all your website management within one tool makes project management, coding and content management easier and faster, not only during implementation but also during maintenance and site updates.


Don't Limit Your Creativity

Implement the actual websites you want without your tools limiting your creative approach. You decide yourself which areas are editable and manage the content you need - how you need it.


Multi Language Integration

Managing multiple languages, including text content, variables, images, blogs with RSS feeds, listings and product catalogs are a core feature and functionality required for professional web design.


Create Your Desired Structure

Modern website architecture requires adequate directory structures and SEO information. Build exactly the structure you need to present your information for users and search engines crawling your site.


Build Your Team

Invite team members to access your primary website management tool and manage access for each domain. No more lost passwords or access information to pass on to new team members.


Training and Documentation

Take advantage of an initial product training for your team and find checklists and tutorials online. Our team helps yours to shine through guidance, support and our implementation services.

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